The Stolen Sisters Book Club Questions

1) The story features an unusual medical condition. Had you ever heard of this? What did you make of it?

2) ’A comma not a full stop. This isn’t the end.’ Carly says. There was a time she could have escaped and fetched help, leaving her sisters behind. Do you think she was wrong to stay?

3) Part One of the story closes with a dramatic twist. Discuss.

4) In the Sinclair family, secrets are kept. Is it ever okay to keep things from those closest to you?

5) ’I would do anything to protect my child. Anything.’ Leah says. Do her actions shock you?

6) What theories did you form throughout this book?

7) Did any of your theories turn out to be correct?

8) Who is your favourite Sinclair sister and why?

9) ‘I can choose to be happy. I can choose to forgive,’ Leah says. Are our emotions, to a point, a choice?

10) What do you think the future holds for the sisters?

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