The Gift Book Club Questions

1. Near the beginning of the book we discover Jenna has ended her relationship with Sam as she feels she can no longer offer him the life he deserves. Was she right to do this? Are we ever justified in making a decision for someone if we feel it is for the best?

2. The Gift is about Cellular Memory, a theory that more and more experts are supporting. Can science explain everything? It wasn’t so long ago the heart was regarded as the centre of wisdom and emotion. What do you think?

3. Did your perception about the characters change from the beginning of the book until the end? How?

4. Jenna is partly driven by guilt that Callie died. Are some people more susceptible to guilt than others? Are her feelings justified?

5. Did you get a good sense of Callie throughout this story?

6. What did you assume about Callie and Nathan’s relationship?

7. This novel is, in part, about secrets. Is it ever OK to keep a secret from a loved one? Is honesty always the best policy?

8. Were you satisfied with the end of the book? What alternative ending can you think of for this story?

9. Jenna concludes: ‘We all have our reasons for doing the things we do, don’t we? The lies we tell. We are all a mixture of good and bad and I don’t think anyone is entirely one thing or the other.’ Do you think this is true?

10. What do you think might happen to Jenna after the Epilogue?

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